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Get ready to dress up with the best Halloween costumes for the whole family.

For kids, there is everything from adorable Halloween costumes with their favorite animals to scary-fun masks. Whatever type of Halloween costumes you're searching for, we have a wide range of disguises - from cartoon and movie-inspired characters to superhero and sci-fi get-ups. We also have picks based on occupations, classic stories and more - as well as go-to favorites like skeletons, princesses, witches, vampires, ghosts, fairies, and clowns.

Hoping to design your child's Halloween costume? You'll find all the necessary pieces to pull the right look together - including funny hats, masks, tutus, spider-shaped earrings, boas, bracelets with ghost designs, red sparkly shoes for going as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and more.

For adult Halloween costumes, there is everything from gorgeous Marilyn Monroe to scary characters and pirates. Whether you're looking for something specific—like a SWAT-team uniform or a flapper girl or for something more obscure, like a giant banana Halloween costume, we have all kinds of sure-to-please designs. If you don't want a full Halloween costume, choose from fun accessories - like orange-and-black socks, colorful wigs, fake eyelashes, makeup, teeth and fangs, wings, crowns, wands, gloves, suspenders, capes and robes, glasses, temporary tattoos and more.

The festivities don't stop with costumes. We have fun Halloween decor, including themed candle holders, lamp covers, wall designs, pumpkin-shaped statues, fake cobwebs, removable bat stickers and decals, and streamers - as well as party-ready Halloween decor like fog machines, strobe lights, and black lights. There are also themed snacks for the season, like pumpkin-spice coffee mixes, cocoa, chai-tea latte mixes and fall baking ingredients.

Stocking up for trick-or-treaters? Check out our impressive selection of Halloween candy - including popular candy bars, caramels, fruity candy, themed candy, fun assortments of different-flavored Halloween candy and more.

How to choose a Halloween costume

A Halloween costume buying guide

Knowing how to choose a Halloween costume is often about finding something that already excites you. With so many options to consider, you can use this Halloween costume buying guide to help find a unique Halloween costume for you or your children.

What size Halloween costume do you need?

halloween costume sizes

An important factor in determining how to choose a Halloween costume is the size you wear. You can shop for Halloween costumes in numbered sizes, as well as standard small/medium/large sizes.

The diverse selections in men's and women's costumes, including women's plus size Halloween costume designs, ensure satisfaction for princesses and zombies of any size.

When considering Halloween costume sizes, remember that age-group sizing affects your options. Halloween costumes for your teens and young ones are sized differently than adult costumes. Additionally, a variance in costume size changes cloth area and can necessitate differences in cut and style. For example, a teen Halloween costume in a medium may vary from a medium costume of the same character designed for adults.

Generally, Halloween costume sizes resemble those of the clothes you normally wear. When Halloween costumes diverge from standards, manufacturers provide sizing charts for convenience in finding your unique Halloween costume.

What types of Halloween costumes do you like?

With so many available types of Halloween costumes, viewing the list of styles below can help you determine which Halloween costume designs are right for you.

Types of Halloween costumes



Career Career-oriented Halloween costume designs are made to mimic typical versions of practicians like firefighters, teachers and rock stars. Pay close attention to the Halloween costume accessories when choosing a career costume. The details make the look complete.
Fantasy Fantasy costumes are designed for those wanting to spend Halloween as a princess, knight, ogre or witch. Feel free to step outside the usual and go a little crazy with color, fabric and makeup when you dress in a fantasy Halloween costume design.
Characters Character costumes are made to resemble characters from television shows, books and movies. Be prepared with some distinctive lines that your character would say to help prompt those less familiar with the costume.
Objects Object costumes can be anything from a pair of scissors, to a wheel of cheese, to a clock. Some object costumes are heavy or bulky. Dress in light clothes under the costume, because even a cool October night can become warm quickly inside a quality Halloween costume.
Couples or groups Costumes for couples or groups can feature a theme or design for which two (or more) pieces form the whole. Plan to spend a lot of time with the other members of your costume group, or else other people may not recognize your costume.
History Historical costumes are for those who want to appear to be a historical figure. Knowing interesting facts about the figure you represent can spark conversations with fellow partiers.

Select a cool Halloween costume that reflects your personality and makes you feel great. Look for colors that stand out, a cut that flatters your frame and accessories that draw attention to your favorite features. Since men's Halloween costumes are styled differently from women's Halloween costumes, and children's Halloween costumes are another matter altogether, it is useful to give thought to which style most flatters you and makes you feel good.

A snug costume can appeal to you as an attractive option. On the other hand, looser fitting Halloween costumes can ensure comfort as the evening wears on.

Remember to purchase your top Halloween costume accessories in advance. Early shopping optimizes your selection and gives you plenty of time to find just the right makeup, wig or shoes. Picking the right accessories is a key step in how to choose a Halloween costume that makes you memorable.

What will you use the Halloween costume for?

cool halloween costumes

Just as not all Halloween costumes are right for every person, not all types of Halloween costumes are right for every event. Carefully consider the event you plan to attend before settling on a Halloween costume design.

Your kids' Halloween costumes for trick-or-treating should be comfortable enough for walking and warm enough to accommodate October weather. Choose baby Halloween costumes with particular regard for temperature. Some Halloween costume designs lack insulation fit for autumn conditions in cooler regions. Halloween in a warmer climate, though, can have you considering a lighter or more ventilated costume.

If attending an indoor event, choosing a costume with layers can help you stay warm outside but cool in the crush of the party. If you are choosing an adult Halloween costume for a themed party or an important event, check on any color or category requirements you should be meeting.

Think also about things you expect to do while in your stylish Halloween costume. Apple bobbing, for instance, can inspire you to invest in waterproof costume makeup. Changeable outdoor conditions can suggest selection of less delicate or precious accessories than you wear for indoor fun. Consider the situation and event as you prepare your Halloween costume.

Do you want a classic costume or something more original?

stylish halloween costumes

Nostalgia may guide you when considering traditional Halloween costume figures. Little girls and boys masquerading as monsters, ghosts and skeletons are sure to put your family in the Halloween spirit. Toddler Halloween costumes in pumpkin and bat designs inspire treats, pictures and memories.

You could be more comfortable in a non-traditional design such as a box of your favorite cereal. Popular media characters provide lots of fun, contemporary costume choices. Before selecting a costume, think about whether you want a traditional Halloween look or a more unique Halloween costume.

Remember the considerations in this buying guide, and deciding how to choose a Halloween costume can be as fun as dressing up itself.

Finding the best Halloween props

A Halloween prop buying guide

Halloween is a time for spooky adventures. Whether you're decorating your home for the holiday or building a haunted house, you can easily find the best Halloween props to create an atmosphere that everyone in your family and on your block will enjoy. Here are some tips to help you figure out how to buy Halloween props.

Who do you want to scare?

new halloween props

As you look through all the new Halloween props available, take a moment to consider your audience. Halloween is a time when lots of children will be knocking on your door hoping for treats instead of tricks. Wearing a scary mask as you answer the door is the best Halloween prop if you want something fast and easy to give trick-or-treaters a little scare.

If entertaining is your plan for the evening, you'll find unique Halloween props among the many Halloween decorations such as coffins or cauldrons. Halloween decorations like these are widely available and will create the perfect setting for your Halloween celebrations.

If you're looking for the best place to use quality Halloween props, consider creating a haunted house to capture the spirit of Halloween. Unique Halloween props, such as mutilated body figures and spooky skull props, fit right in.

What kind of props do you prefer?

As you look at items from different Halloween prop brands, think about where you will place your props. As Halloween party ideas come to mind, remember that props of any size can be scary. A small bowl with an animated hand is just as much of a surprise to unsuspecting guests as is a severed head dropping from the ceiling. If you're looking for something larger to create more of an impact, consider life-size animated Halloween props such as a mummy rising out of a coffin.

Do you want animated or non-animated props?

Depending on the setting, you may prefer to use non-animated props. Many Halloween decorations are made to be looked at and enjoyed. An advantage of a non-animated props is that you can place them almost anywhere, since many have no power requirements.

Animated Halloween props add a whole new dimension to the spirit of Halloween. Use unique Halloween props such as owls with lighted eyes and sound or a lifelike zombie sitting in a rocking chair waiting for your guests to reach out and touch him. When you buy Halloween props that are animated, remember to pick up an extra extension cord and a power strip so you have plenty of outlets available. Some of the best Halloween props might require electricity.

Another type of Halloween prop to consider is one that is wearable. Halloween costume ideas such as vampire teeth, severed arms or scary masks make spooky additions.quality halloween props

Think about sound effects

Halloween props combined with sound effects are ideal for a haunted house. CDs of sound effects such as creaking doors, rustling leaves, howling winds and footsteps are available to add to the excitement of this spooky holiday.

Imagine the sound of screaming when you least expect it, or the crash of thunder every time someone pushes the doorbell. These sound effects will have your guests anxiously waiting for the next Halloween surprise.

Have you considered visual effects?

Some of the best Halloween props include visual effects. These effects are important when you want to bring your Halloween ideas to life.

One effect to consider is a fog machine. Many fog machines use dry ice to create the effect of fog moving through an area. Some have lights built in to them to add to the eerie feeling.

Another interesting visual effect is lightning. Special machines are available to create storm effects right inside your home. Have fun watching guests as they try to figure out why it sounds like it's storming inside when it's clear outside. Another idea is to give the illusion of someone being burned at the stake, with lights made to look like flames.

Halloween props can be just what you need to create a haunted house or add a little fright this Halloween. As you're buying Halloween supplies, remember to pick up plenty of candy for the trick-or-treaters and maybe an extra bag for yourself.

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